Semi-Permanent Eyebrows

Your eyebrows are the most fundamental feature that shape your eyes and create overall definition to your face. A pair of well-structured eyebrows measured according to your facial features can not only enhance your natural beauty, but also maintain a fresh and youthful appearance.

Eyebrow Microblading or Shading uses very fine blades and needles to create the illusion of natural hair stroke by means of semi-permanent pigments that blend in with your natural brows. When trying to achieve the perfect brows, we all use eyebrow pencils and powders everyday which is time consuming and eventually, leads to damaged hair follicles and stunted growth. However this cumulative, life changing treatment has now enabled us to wake up every morning with flawless eyebrows that don’t need to be touched!

The Procedure

The procedure involves two treatment visits. Very fine specialised blades or needles are used to implant semi-permanent ink into the dermal layer of the eyebrow skin region, in order to create the impression of fine hair strokes that blend in with existing natural hairs. During treatment, anaesthetic creams can be used however please note that you may experience a degree of discomfort.

Following your first visit, the colour of the treated eyebrows can fade up to 70% and the shape can shrink by a few millimetres in size. In order to successfully complete treatment, clients are advised to return for an infill session 3-4 weeks later. During this session, alterations are made to determine the final colour, shape and thickness of eyebrows.

For next available appointments, please call us on (020) 7935 3057

For next available appointments,
please call us on (020) 7935 3057

The Benefits

  • Looking your best without make up
  • Saving time on applying make up
  • Ideal for clients who have sparse eyebrows
  • Ideal for clients who may have been affected by Alopecia, Chemotherapy, or tremor related conditions (Please note, authorisation by your General Practitioner may be required)


We can offer some correction advice or correction work if you are unhappy with the work of your previous technician. Please note that this is subject to a full assessment and consultation.





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