Avicenna is the Latinised name for Abu Ali ibn Sina, also known as Bin Sina (c. 980-1037). He was one of the most significant philosophers in the Islamic tradition, and is best known as a polymath, and as a physician who authored a work titled The Canon of Medicine, which was taught as a medical textbook in Europe and in the Islamic world until the early modern period.

Bin Sina’s excellence has been an inspiration to us. Our homage to him is not only in naming our Marylebone and Harrow clinics after him, but also in our ongoing striving for improvement and high standards.


Our journey began in 2007, with a single clinic in North Harrow, Greater London, and we are now also in Marylebone. Binsina Group of Clinics are medical aesthetic clinics offering bespoke and long-lasting treatments for anti-aging, skin rejuvenation, nutrition & wellness, and laser treatments. Our state-of-the-art lasers are FDA approved and are effective for all skin types. Our holistic wellness treatments are designed support inner functioning, and include tailor-made Intravenous Therapy Programmes.

Our founder, Dr Fauzia Khan, worked in the Middle East for over fifteen years as a leading Dermatologist, Cosmetologist and Skin Laser Consultant. Dr Khan specialised in dermatology from St. John’s Institute (University of London) and trained at St. Thomas’s and Guys Hospitals in London.

Dr Khan’s research of three years resulted in the worldwide launch in 2004 of the first Hair removal applicator for Dark Skin by Europe’s leading producer of Ellipse IPL. Dr Khan has since opened her clinics in London where she offers a range of non-invasive skin health treatments including Radiofrequency, IFR, and lasers.

All our lasers are top of the line American made lasers which are FDA approved. Binsina Group of Clinics promotes preventative and non-invasive treatments for optimal efficacy.

Our main priority is understanding our clients’ concerns, and offering them the best possible solutions tailored to their specific needs.

Avicenna Aesthetics & Wellbeing Lab


Avicenna Aesthetics & Wellbeing Lab


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